It took me a while to figure out what to write in this section of my site. When writing biographies, I've learned that you have to find a balance between validating yourself as a professional and also describing who you are as a person. I also didn't want to become long winded while describing how passionate I've become about photography or how everyday I spend countless hours researching, shooting, editing, learning and experimenting with the art form. I could discuss how many weddings I've shot and discuss the photographers I've worked with over the past 7 years. And I definitely wouldn't waste your time by telling you that my name is Dionysius "Dion" Burton and that the name of the company was derived from removing the "n's" off of Dion and Burton, and then merge the two. Those things would bore anyone. I will say though, that I fell in love with photography in between switching out of the engineering major and that I've never stopped shooting since that day. Photography has allowed me to nurture the artist inside of me, travel the world, work for celebrities, and inspire other people to turn their gift into a career. I can never see myself not being a photographer. And all of this is why my tag line is "love inspired." Everything that I do is inspired by love. On your wedding day or engagement session, I hope that the love I have for photography mirrors the love between you and your significant other.