There are three major ways you will need to invest during your e-session and wedding:

(1) Financially—booking fee, wardrobe, and makeup—a non-refundable booking fee is half of the total balance and is required in order to reserve your wedding date and/or engagement session (the e-session date can be chosen at a later date). The final balance for the chosen package of your choice will be due at least 30 days prior to the wedding date (E-Session final balance is due on or before the day of the session). Booking is confirmed once the deposit is received. All of this can be done online or in person. A legally binding wedding contract will be sent via email for you to review, sign and bring to the consultation session regardless if you pay online or in person.

Methods of payment:

  • In person transaction—cash/credit card
  • Online invoice via

(2) Time—your time is a huge investment while shooting. It’s important that both of us maximize our time together in the most productive way possible. This means that once you arrive at the location we immediately get to work.

Other things that will require a time commitment from you are:

  • Consultation (date to be determined)
  • Choosing your wardrobe
  • Hair and makeup prep
  • And finally, the openness to experiment and have fun while shooting

(3) Energy—effort and enthusiasm are vital to the entire shooting process. I will be giving your shoot the maximum amount of effort that I have to ensure that it is a success. As a result, I expect the same from you. We both want great photos, and as a team we will accomplish this. I would suggest getting a good night’s rest and being hydrated prior to your e-session and wedding as they are essential to the energy you bring.